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Donato Sansone (1974) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples and then from the Department of Animation of the SNC Experimental Film Centre based in Chieri, Turin. He is one of Italy’s most original and promising authors of animated films and several of his works have circulated at Italian and foreign festivals as well as on the web ( His latest work Topo glassato al cioccolato is a fitting expression of the artist’s oniric universe, disturbing, yet playful. Sansone makes use of various animation techniques, ranging from 3D drawing, shifting from deliberately “smudgy” and apparently “primitive” lines to the use of digital effects. His is a surreal universe, made up of de-composing, appearance and disappearance, unnatural metamorphoses of figures and faces, in whose realism we frequently come up against the play of geometry and volumes. Eros, disenchantment and playful cruelty combine with a vein of poetry which at times insinuates itself into the stories, accompanied by the frenzied, comical or alienating use of noises, sound and music. As well as some of his works, on the website scripts,drawings and self-portraits are to be found. He lives and works in Turin. (from INVIDEO 2012 catalogue)

Saturday 10 november at Spazio Oberdan, 9.00 pm, screening and meeting with the author

Videogioco, Italy, 2009, 1’40”
Topo glassato al cioccolato, Italy, 2011, 2’50”
Lovecube, Italy, 2002, 2’30 “
Grotesque Photobooth, Italy, 2012 , 1’30”
Memoro, Italy, 2010, 0’30
Compilation per INVIDEO, 2002-2012

Istituto Europeo di Design - IED
12 november, ore 09.00 am

Videogames: a creative and playful path in the animation.
Meeting with Donato Sansone

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