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Acqua: electronic flows of a planetary resource

INVIDEO joins the events of Expo in Città through articulated initiatives which explicitly link up to the guidelines of the programme of events promoted by Milan City Council. Drawing on its archive, (which can be consulted at the head office) now one of the largest collections at international level, INVIDEO offers a selection entitled “Water: electronic flows, a resource for the planet”. It is a historical review of electronic art, from the classics to the present day, in which water, a favourite element of video artists also thanks to its metamorphosis and incessant movement – so similar to an electronic flow – is explored in its spectacular, landscape, symbolic, social and “planetary” aspects.


Dominique Belloir, Scenographie d'un paysage, 1990, 5'

Alain Escalle, D'après le naufrage, 1994, 9'

Veit-Lup, Entweder-Oder , 1997, 11'

Christian Boustani, A Viagem, 1998, 10'

Seoungo Cho, Cold  Pieces, 1999, 12'

Cathy Greenhalgh, Rosemary Butcher, Undercurrent, 2001, 10'

Kia Simon, The Dive, 2003, 5'

John Simmons, The Book of Water, 2003, 4'

Alberto Magrin, Mary’s house, 2004, 3'

Gerard Holtuis, Marsa Abu Galawa, 2004, 13'

Mickey Smith, Dark Side of the Lens, 2011, 6'