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Technological unconsciousnesses: Alessandro Amaducci

A radical experimenter, explorer of techniques and effects, artists and scholar, teacher. Alessandro Amaducci’s profile is completely original on the Italian scene. INVIDEO dedicates a solo exhibition which through “genres” and collections of works, portrays more than twenty years of activity. With symbolic images and poetic references, philosophical echoes, memories, a rich audiovisual reflection is unfolded – analogical and digital – that is rich in references, interwoven with various arts yet radically different.

Alessandro Amaducci (Turin, 1967) is a video artist, theoretician and historian of electronic arts, on which he has published a number of books. He teaches at the DAMS of Turin. His artistic activity has alternated from cartoons to photography and from theatre to music. He is currently making video art videos, video installations, documentaries, video clips, multimedia performances and live video, curating the musical aspects in part as well. He also creates digital photographs.




Electric Self Anthology: Electric Self (2006-2016), 4’; Post Rebis, 2016, 3’40’’; The Web, (2007-2016), 7’; In the Cave of Technology, 2013, 5’38’’; Black Data, 2012, 4’; Pagan Inner, 2010, 6’30’’; Bloodstream, 2010, 7’30’’; Discussion on Death, 2006, 6’

Video-paintings: Cattedrali della Memoria, 1994, 7’

Video-dance: Anatomy Theater, 2011, 3’30’’; Not with a Bang, 2008, 5’12’’; Greetings from Hell, 2008, 3’30’’

Video-poetry: Spoon River, 1999-2007, estratto/extract 7’; Illuminazioni-Arthur Rimbaud, 1994, estratto/extract 5’