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From colourful rhythm to visual music.
Linguistic continuity and evolution in abstract audiovisual

 Acts from the international meeting organized by In Video in co-operation with Bergamo Film Meeting - Bergamo 11 July 1990.

Ergonarte, Milano, 1992

The withdrawal of antropomorphism and more in general of representational art is what distinguish the research of iconographic and plastic arts of XX century. As painting and sculpture, even new-born cinema in the 10 first years of the century went away from narrative language to search for new forms of abstract expressions which would find shape in next decade with Eggeling, Richter, and Ruttman, movies.
That new-born cinema was searching for grammatical use of language with the teorization of Leopold Sauvage on "Ritmo colorato" - about painting in motion - and of Paul Wegener about pure kinetics.
Even if in transversal and parallel ways to the most known avant-gardes, Sauvage's vision has influenced artists of every period and trend. Today computer offers itself as a ductile, flexible and equalitarian tool to all the artists who want to realize a "dream art" that mixes togheter musical, graphic and coloured suggestions, making real audiovisual forms in motion, rich of glamour and bearer of a new "marvallous".