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Mimesis Edizioni, Milano, 2010


Traces: in this year’s edition, marking the twenty years of INVIDEO’s existence, what prevails is the idea of signs and footmarks, with many, touching signs from the past of images, appeals to memory, to personal and historical reminiscences, in digital mutation which brings dematerialization and vaporization. Traces, in Daniel Segre’s portraits, of the heritage left by “great and extremely youthful old men” with the courage of their passions and ideas. And traces of life and cinema in remembering Corso Salani, the director-author-actor who left us so prematurely this year. A tribute to Chantal Akerman, explorer of geographical boundaries and genres between cinema, video, installations, stories and history. Important acknowledgement of the pioneer of a creative and innovative type of television, the genial experimenter Jean-Christophe Averty. The “Moving Stories” project, which proposes new narrative modes using digital, on an international network of artistic practices of which INVIDEO is one of the protagonists.  And the “Under 35” award. As well as the international selection of works: striking visions, metamorphoses, the pursuit of a language, counter-current investigations, touching portraits, stories great and small. Theoretical texts and unpublished critiques, fact cards, material on the authors, photographs: traces for conceiving differently of the world of images, for reinventing the images of the world.