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Shifting distances

INVIDEO 2011  

Shifting distances

Mimesis Edizioni, Milano, 2011

Shifting distances: from a drop of water to the whole world; from a domestic interior to the problems of the planet. With nostalgia, affection, humour, energy, creativity, from love for a small object to curiosity about the world, the works in INVIDEO encourage our points of view to become more flexible and more mobile. Alongside the international selection are some closer studies: a homage to the Living Theatre, in Dirk Szuszies’ video; a portrait of the percussionist Fritz Hauser in a video-musical documentary by Erich Busslinger; a personal showing of François Vogel, the riddle-master of electronic art, with his distorted spaces and visual rebuses; an encounter with Luciano Giaccari, a milestone in Italian videoart; the works of Marco Bolognesi, between re-reading of science fiction movies, photography, contemporary art; a focus on Barcelona’s “L’Alternativa” festival. The catalogue contains critical texts and information, images and the 2011 programme.