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The 2012 edition of INVIDEO is dedicated to Giuseppe Bertolucci, whose untimely death occurred in June 2012: one of the freest, most cultivated and innovative authors on the scene in Italy (thanks to his work in various different genres, always freshly conceived by him, his dialogue with the theatre, literature and poetry, but also his capacity for institutional commitments). This homage by Jacopo Quadri, made just after the director’s decease, to be screened during his public memorials – a sort of lay funeral which took place at the Nuovo Sacher in Rome on 25th June 2012 – is a work of editing in memory of Giuseppe Bertolucci, re-evoking his aritistic path through a series of sequences from films and, most importantly, declarations by the author himself: moments when Bertolucci was interviewed, on film or on audio (from Il perché e il percome, with which the video begins, an interview probably dating from 1976 with Roberto Benigni, Abicinema, his film about Novecento, and interviews mostly recorded in Bologna at “Cinema Ritrovato”, whilst one was made at the Casa del Cinema in Rome for a recent screening of Segreti segreti). The DVD ends with the famous long take of Berlinguer ti voglio bene.

Jacopo Quadri’s professional skill and talent, combined with the charm and personality of Bertolucci, make this work – which saw both Giuseppe’s wife, Lucilla Albano, and his brother, Bernardo, side by side with the author in collecting and selecting the materials – a rich and lively, affectionate and intense testimony. (from INVIDEO 2012 catalogue)

Friday 9 november at Spazio Oberdan, 09.00 pm, screening and meeting with the author

Omaggio a Giuseppe Bertolucci, Italy, 2012, 23’