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Critical Mutations


Critical Mutations

Mimesis Edizioni, Milano, 2012

Critical Mutations: works of art that are sensitive to context and anticipate problems and emergencies. The works in INVIDEO reveal a panorama of ill-being and unease but also poetry, mockery, beauty, as antidotes to fear and despondency. The mark of the surreal and of the disturbing brings together crime news and invention, claw mark and graphics: mutations in form as a preparation for creativity and the critical mutation of thought. Alongside the works (the best of recent international production) are the encounters: with the poetic travels of Gérald Assouline; the feminist commitment of Evelin Stermitz; the visionary 3D of Giuliana Cunéaz. And in addition: the archives and their digitalization; Mozart in Leonardo Carrano’s animations; the surreal universe of Donato Sansone; Lacombe’s Africa. And the homage to Giuseppe Bertolucci, to whom this edition is dedicated.