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Luminous Signals


Luminous signals

Mimesis Edizioni, Milano, 2013

 Luminous signals. Colour, dream, light. Reflections on the great themes of our times: but also surprise, the taste for play and for paradox that marked the very origins of videoart, which today celebrates its 50th anniversary and to which INVIDEO dedicates a special tribute.

In the catalogue are texts, fact cards and illustrations for all the works, encounters and events: Caterina Klusemann and her personal documents; Michael Gaumnitz with his video on an anti-Nazi episode; Michele Di Salle with his portraits of artists. A performance by Giacomo Verde; the French school ENSAD; Italian music video research; an exchange of opinions on digital and archives. The Under 35 awards and the IED research scholarship. The 2013 edition is dedicated to Antonio Caronia and Paolo Rosa, with specific tributes to them: two important figures who have left their mark in different ways on our thinking about art and technology and have accompanied INVIDEO’s long history. Travelling companions and companions in the fight to give more space to experiments in art and in thinking. Luminous signals.