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INVIDEO 2014 - Global Horizon


Global Horizons

Mimesis Edizioni, Milano, 2014


Global Horizons. This edition brings to mind the definition by McLuhan: the world as a “global village”. But modifies it, indicating the profile of the horizon just as the gaze that perceives it and creates it. Indeed, all the works presented here, with the events and meetings, do trace out global horizons: Gérard Courant's Cinématons and Händel by Busslinger; Alda Merini portrayed by Antonietta De Lillo and the installation in the memory of the bomb in Brescia; the homage to Franco Donatoni's music and the Festival FUSO in Lisbon; Giuliano Scabia's cinepoem and Chiara Cremaschi's work on memory; the homages to Alberto Signetto. Recent works from many different countries, artists, schools, festivals and cultural centres: a fertile confrontation which goes from examining the history of audiovisual research in depth to the enhancement projects of the archives to the problems of restoration to the comparison between arts and generations. The catalogue is a map and a threshold of all this.