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INVIDEO 2015 - Future pasts


Future pasts

Mimesis Edizioni, Milano, 2015


Future Pasts. Eyes, voices and proposals that bear witness on the one hand to the importance of memory, and on the other to that of  dreams and imagination. Attention to the new and to the ancient. The masterly, amusing, deeply committed coming and going between memory and new types of technology, craftwork and digital softwares, the historical avant-garde and the new languages. The part devoted to encounters leads us to a fascinating universe: the documentary by Kaper and Szuszies on the stretch of the Berlin Wall that has become an open-air gallery; Milanese memories from the ‘Seventies in the encounter with Felice Pesoli; the work of AVISCO with children in hospital, to create some fine animations; the electronic elaboration of landscape between picture and digital technology in Jacques Perconte; the work of the animator Cristina Diana Seresini; the Swiss Videoex festival, including experimental cinema and videoart; new theatre in Kosovo in Anna Monteverdi’s video. History, stories - from far-off echoes to the ability to plan fresh projects.