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INVIDEO 2016 - Seductions



Mimesis Edizioni, Milano, 2016

Seductions. The fascinating metamorphosis of forms, but also the seduction of technology. And that of bodies, of the senses: attractions, dance, gestures. And the seduction of nostalgia. All this clearly emerges in the works of the international selection and in the events it is an occult thread running through the themes and meetings: the seduction
of cinema (Kubrick, Maya Deren) in the performances by Matias Guerra and the Karmachina; that of the avant-gardes in the Peruvian selection; the seduction beyond the stereotype of gender, and negated identity, in the works by Giovanni Coda and Carlos Motta. And love, in the portrait of Piergiorgio Welby. But it is also recalled in many true stories, in the reportages by the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia (Aquila
branch); the seductive games with the spectator in the artistic videogames (the meeting with Roberto Cappai) and the fascination of short form in the Clermont-Ferrand festival’s selection; the bodies seduced by unconsciousnesses, including technological, in the works by Alessandro Amaducci. And, above all, the seduction to which INVIDEO has always
been faithful: that of being able to imagine other worlds, in other ways.