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19th YEAR



Wroclaw, Wro Art Center
10 November 2009

Milano, Spazio Oberdan
11 - 15 November 2009

Milano, Centre Culturel Français de Milan
12 - 14 - 19 November 2009

Milano, IED
12 - 13 November 2009

Milano, Triennale Design Museum 
19  November 2009

No destination. Which way is video heading? This was the title, twenty years ago, of a special issue of “Cahiers du cinéma”.  The question returns to mind today, when confronted with the hundreds and hundreds of works arriving at INVIDEO.  Impossible, as in past years, to single out a prevalent type or attitude, the direction of a gaze (towards fantasy, towards commitment, towards a new concept of realism or autobiography). This year the distinguishing feature seems to be the absence of a centre, the topic a sort of flânerie, a ramble through the world which takes us wandering amongst the many trends in video, its history and possible future.  The 2009 selection is rich in opere prime (and an award is reserved for authors under 35), alongside established authors; there are many portraits of cities, fragments of journeys, blurrings of borders between nature and metropolis, human and technological, interior and exterior – also in the form of intimacy, memory, surreal exploration.  Many animations, partly visual symphonies and partly playful, little poems and metamorphoses.  Gazes on the wounds inflicted on the world, industrial scenarios, traces of war, the fatigue of women, genocide. And again, portraits of artists, dance, sketches of enigmatic narratives. There is no prevailing topic.  Video and cinema “beyond” are perhaps exploring their own changing technologies: works shot on videophones start to find a place in the exhibition and are also the subject of a text in the catalogue.

In this aimless wandering, in this loss of reliable landmarks, to turn to the history of images has some significance:  and here then is the extraordinary experience of interactive cinema in 1967 by Raduz Cincera, offered anew as an Italian première and the subject of theoretical reflection, as well as of a multi-media performance. And here is the homage to a filmmaker, Agnès Varda, a protagonist of the “Nouvelle Vague” and of the cinema of modernity, which today measures itself with video (from installations to small, portable video cameras) with unconquerable freshness and deeply intense outcomes.  A ramble, once again, amongst cinema, video and contemporary art.  Here are the loving, handcrafted animations of Ursula Ferrara, small masterpieces in celebration of the flow of life.  And here again, the stateless experiences of the young people from “Malastrada”, the exploration of other festivals, like the Vivafestival with no fixed abode; the Videonale of Bonn with its theory and practice of “viewing architecture”; the new “Casa Totiana” with homages to poetronic Gianni Toti; the travelling Spanish series “D-Generaciòn”.

INVIDEO, too, travels the world with its international gaze and each year holds an inauguration in a different European city (this year Wroclaw in Poland, with a retrospective by Masbedo; and with the Polish videos presented in Milan).
Basically, art has “no destination”; it searches and explores and doesn’t know where this search will lead it.  It sows doubts, poses questions, offers answers that take us by surprise and lead to new explorations. 

The dedication to Pina Bausch, a giant of the theatre and dance in the nineteen-hundreds, to whom we devote a small homage, seems to us to be unquestionable:  the best possible seal, a high standard set for the direction of the journey, as well as a parting gesture filled with nostalgia.

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Lida Abdul, In Transit, Afghanistan, 2008, 4’

Alessandro Amaducci, Not with a Bang, Italia/Italy, 2008, 5’12”

Riccardo Arena, 25.765, Shangai (Cina/China), 2008, 7’

Alexsandr Barkovskiy, Viva Malevich, Russia, 2008, 1’

Simone Bennett, The Truth Machine, Olanda/The Netherlands, 2007, 10’45”

Vincenzo Beschi, Sassi, Italia/Italy, 2009, 11’45”

Christin Bolewski,Mountain-water-painting, Germania/Germany, 2009, 6’12”

Cristina Braga, Annual Report, Portogallo/Portugal, 2008, 4’

Eni Brander, Border, Austria, 2009, 6’

Leonardo Carrano, Alessandro Pierattini, Rex Tremendae, Italia/Italy, 2008, 2’26’’

Seoungho Cho, Buoy, Stati Uniti/U.S.A., 2008, 7’07”

Ramon Coelho, Everything you Always Wanted to Know About the Making of a Video Installation, Olanda/ The Netherlands, 2008, 60’

Jem Cohen, Long for the City, Stati Uniti/U.S.A., 2008, 9’10’’

Clorinde Durand, Naufrage, Francia/France, 2008, 6’

Chema García Ibarra, Flashback al revés, Spagna/Spain, 2008, 2’30”

Gabriele Gismondi, Poggioreale 41, Italia/Italy, 2009, 6’

Laurie Hill, Photograph of Jesus, Gran Bretagna/UK, 2008, 6’40”

David Hinton, Alla Kovgan, Nora, Stati Uniti-Mozambico-Gran Bretagna/U.S.A., Mozambico,UK, 2008, 35’

Gun Holmström, Arkipelag (Archipelago), Finlandia/Finland, 2008, 6’30”

Vítor Hugo, Airport Tunnel, Portogallo/Portugal, 2009, 4’38”

Harald Hund & Paul Horn, Dropping Furniture, Austria, 2008, 5’

Vuk Jevremovic, Patience of the Memory, Spagna-Germania/Spain,Germany, 2009, 6’

Ezgi Kilinçaslan, Berlun, Germania/Germany, 2008, 6’30”

Alice Kok, Yet in Exile – “Family Script”, Macao (Cina/China), 2008, 18’26”

Maria Korporal, Passing By, Italia/Italy, 2008, 7’39”

Gudrun Krebitz, I Know You, Germania/Germany, 2009, 4’

Jan Karel Lameer, Heavenly Lights, Olanda/The Netherlands, 2009, 4’

Michael Langan, Doxology, Stati Uniti/U.S.A., 2007, 6’10”

Josiane Lapointe, Héloïse, Canada, 2008, 6’30”

Jérôme Lefdup, Les Songes d’Edmée, Francia/France, 2008, 2’21”

Michal Levy, One, Israele/Israel, 2007, 5’

Anna Linder, densen, Svezia/Sweden, 2009, 7’20”

Dahci Ma, The Mysteries of Nature, Sud Corea/South Corea, 2008, 10’

Antonello Matarazzo, VeraZnunt, Italia/Italy, 2008, 6’

                             Peopleconnection, Italia/Italy, 2008, 4’

Magda Matwiejew, Journey From Pinsk, Australia, 2009, 9’12”

Paris Mavroidis, Divers, Stati Uniti/U.S.A., 2008, 3’

Galina Myznikova, Sergey Provorov, Washing Off a Paint, Russia, 2007, 3’

Paul Neudorf, Refractions, Canada, 2008, 6’15”

Oliver Pietsch, The Shape of Things, Germania/Germany, 2008, 17’30”

Pedro Pires, Danse Macabre, Canada, 2008, 7’54”

Tero Puha, Nine to Five, Finlandia/Finland, 2008, 8’20”

Enrique Ramírez, Brises, Francia/France, 2008, 13’

Reynold Reynolds, Secret Life, Germania/Germany, 2008, 9’

Emily Richardson, Cobra Mist, Gran Bretagna/UK, 2008, 6’52”

Tal Rosner, Debussy/En Blanc et Noir/1st Movement, Gran Bretagna/UK, 2007, 4’42”

Francisco Ruiz De Infante, Qué sera sera? Francia/France, 2008-2009, 6’

Serge Rustin, Jocelyne Rivière,Aventures urbaines, Francia/France, 2008, 3’

Gazelle Samizay, This will be the last, Stati Uniti/U.S.A., 2009, 5’30”

Volker Schreiner, Teaching the Alphabet, Germania/Germany, 2007, 3’34”

Michaela Schweiger, Der Augenblick, Germania/Germany, 2008, 13’

Georges Schwizgebel, Retouches, Svizzera-Canada/Switzerland, Canada, 2008, 6’

Semiconductor, Matter in Motion, Gran Bretagna/UK, 2008, 5’36”

Teun van der Zalm & Daan Verbiest, City of Lights, Olanda/The Netherlands, 2007, 4’36”

Virgile Van Ginneken, Mumbaï Express, Francia/France, 2008, 8’

Thierry Van Hasselt, Heureux!, Belgio/Belgium, 2008, 7’15”

Hannes Vartiainen, Pekka Veikkolainen, Hanasaari a, Finlandia/Finland, 2009, 16’

Denis Villeneuve, Next Floor, Canada, 2008, 12’

Telemach Wiesinger, Passage, Germania/Germany, 2008, 30’

Stefan Zeyen, Farewell, Germania/Germany, 2009, 1’41”


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