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18th YEAR


Milos Tomic - Spitted by kiss


Barcellona, IED
11 november 2008

Milano, Spazio Oberdan
12 - 16 november 2 0 0 8

Milano, Centre Culturel Français de Milan
15 e 18 november 2008

Lands and skies: reality and dream, documents and poetry. This year, as never before, we have seen and selected works where the distance or proximity between these elements becomes a key for interpreting our world: the highest of skies, visited by swiftly moving clouds, flights of birds, heart-rending colours; but also winged women, stardust, sunlight, fairytale images. Skies. And lands: city life, history (the Black Panthers, Palestine, the landless of Brazil, the condition of women, Africa yesterday and today, the miners), nature in danger. Lands and skies that contrast one another – just as, in these works, there is contrast between work and idleness, stress and irony, day and night, town and country, nature and technology – yet they also encounter one another in the happy creations of dance and animation, in upended perspectives, in the oscillations of memory and the dialogues between cultures. The attention to reality, which we have been pointing to for some years, now stands opposite the emergence of imaginary worlds of dream and poetry, with eyes that manage to see our tiny position on the “balcony” represented by the World - the giddy condition of being lost in the universe – as a relative one, able to look up at the (threatened) beauty of nature above, below and all around us.

Alongside these works that tell us so much about the world and the new ways of deciphering it, Invideo 2008 offers a series of deeper investigations with opportunities to become acquainted with the worldwide panorama of audiovisuals. A panorama that is changing rapidly, conceptually and visually: “fast faster”, as one of our critical texts is entitled. We start with the Meliès of video, the genial Polish artist Zbigniew Rybczynski: an author with surreal overtones and a more or less unending capacity for exploring the versatility of the electronic image. With the creation of “impossible” images, both entertaining and from grotesque and melancholy universes, technical prowess and visual inventiveness, the culture of the East and of the West, music, literature, painting. Alongside this master of international creation, a “focus” on Theo Eshetu, star of Italian videoart but also the author of innovative documentaries, with a happily cosmopolitan and syncretic gaze and style. Pierre Coulibeuf, one of France’s most important authors, moves on the terrain of art but also of new narratives, suspended and hesitant, somewhere between choreographic invention and the ritual of the everyday; a path interwoven with literary and visual references. 

Invideo’s international opening in Barcelona makes it possible (as well for the Catalan city to encounter the works of Alessandro Amaducci) for us to become acquainted here with the important body of work by Arturo Fuentes, whilst exploration of the exchange between video and contemporary art focuses this year on the Center for Contemporary Art in Tel Aviv and the related festival. Lands and skies: Lebanese videoart, to which an as-yet unreleased selection is devoted, shows us the capacity for creation, between reality and imagination, in an uncertain and often dramatic situation; whilst the “Blink” series, conceived by Terry Flaxton, offers some glimpses of the world of international artists: a work in progress with social and humanitarian aims.

Land, sky? The two installations, Laughter by Piero Steinle and Passaggi di stato by Roberto Bella and Carlo Riccobono, basically offer two views of today’s world: exasperated, facile consumerism with the accumulation of rubbish, and irrepressible laughter, a liberating and “free” moment. An invitation? A provocation? Perhaps, because there is, really, very little to laugh about…

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Martine Asselin. Martine Asselin vue par Martine Asselin, Canada, 2006, 3’

Sammi Baloji. U.M.H.K., Repubblica Democratica del Congo, 2008, 14’

Dan Boord, Luis Valdovino. Not Enough Night, USA, 2007, 7' 44''                                               

Manuele Bossolasco. Edo no hana, Italia, 2007, 9'                                                                  

Federico Campanale. Kogel vogel. Olanda, 2007, 6' 10''                                                             

Clarissa Cappellani. Emma Dante-Il gesto necessario, Italia, 2007, 48'                                      

Susanna Carlisle. Stone Stories, USA, 2008, 10'

Emelie Carlsson Gras. 900 meter under jord (900 metres below), Svezia, 2008, 28'                      

Leonardo Carrano, Alessandro Pierattini. Agnus Dei, Italia, 2008, 2' 48''

                                                      Domine Jesu, Italia, 2008, 3' 38''

Philippe Chabert. Ora arriva la musica, Italia, 2008, 7'                                                             

Tim Chen, Philip Lee. Color Scratch, China, 2007, 1' 30''                                                            

Rob Chiu, Chris Hewitt, Things Fall Apart, Gran Bretagna, 2007, 2' 15''                                         

Mary Ellen Davis, Will Eizlini, Jose Garcia-Lozano. A Day in Palestine, Canada, 2007, 6'                 

Antonin De Bemels. Techniques de survie en solitaire, Belgio, 2007, 7'                                        

Etienne De Massy. Somnia 7, Canada, 2007, 6' 40''                                                                   

Kurt d'Haeseleer. Rock, Olanda, 2007, 7' 02''      

Simone  Durante, Rosita Mariani. Il silenzio degli occhi, Italia,2008, 7' 40''                                    

Aitor Echeverria. Aprop, Spagna, 2007, 6' 20''                                                                          

Eddie d. Pas de Deux, Olanda, 2007, 1' 57''                                                                            

Mounir Fatmi. History of History, Francia, 2006, 37'                                                                 

Luca Ferro. Impressioni a distanza, Italia, 2007, 13'                                                               

Jonathan Franco. Living Land, Portogallo, 2008, 4' 13''                                                             

Geetha J. Akam / Inside, India, 2007, 12'

Factory of Found Clothes/Gluklya & Tsaplya. Mat odinochka I hor (Single Mother and Chorus), Russia, 2007, 13'

Ewa Górzna. Between, Polonia, 2006, 4' 58''       

Bert Gottschalk. Framing (Bildfenster/Fensterbilder), Germania, 2007, 6'                                  

Roberta Grasselli. Facce da strada, Italia/USA, 2008, 3' 30''                                                       

Mihai Grecu. Coagulate, Francia, 2008, 6' 06''                                                                     

Elke Groen. Nightstill, 2007, 9'

Edina Cecília Horváth. becauseyou'reworth it, Ungheria, 2007, 1' 27"                                    

Kai Well Hoyme. Othello, Germania, 2007, 5' 36''                                                                    

Ana Hušman. Lunch, Croazia, 2008, 17' 20''       

Rainer Komers. Ma’rib, Germania/Yemen, 2008, 30’

Takeshi Kushida. Reincarnation, Giappone, 2008, 5'                                                                 

Kai  Lossgott. alpha, Sudafrica, 2007, 3' 19''

Ana L. Marten. Emergencia, Costa Rica, 2008, 2'                                                                     

Magda Matwiejew. Insect, Australia, 2006, 4' 22''                                                             

Thomas Newton. Wingbeats, Gran Bretagna,  2006, 15'

                       Wings of Time, Gran Bretagna,  2008, 15'

Claudia Nunes. Rapsodia do Absurdo, Brasile, 2007, 16'                                                    

Osbert Parker. Yours Truly, Gran Bretagna, 2006, 7' 30''                                                       

People like us. Work Rest and Play, Gran Bretagna, 2007, 13' 39''                                          

Laurent Pernot. Des lendemains radieux, Francia/Canada, 2006, 8' 04''                                

Monica Petracci. Canto, Italia, 2008, 4' 40''                                                                        

Pleix. Birds, Gran Bretagna/Francia, 2006, 3'                                                                     

Claudio Prati. Cromosonics, Italia/Svizzera, 2007, 14' 21''                                                   

Nicolas Provost. Gravity, Belgio, 2007, 6'                                                                            

Chris Quanta. 100%, Francia, 2007, 1' 05''            

Mika J. Ripatti. Record of Labor, Finlandia, 2007, 8' 21''                                                       

Kathy Rose. Kabukimenco, USA, 2008, 3'          

Philippe Saire. Cartographie 7 - Le Bassin, Svizzera, 2008, 9'                                            

Stadmusik. Zuruckbleiben bitte!, Austria, 2008, 8'                                                             

Jorn Staeger. Reise zum Wald (Journey to The Forest), Germania, 2008, 7'                        

Sandrine Stoïanov. Irinka et Sandrinka, Francia/Belgio, 2007, 16'                                          

Tamara Taddeo. La neige rouillée (Cold Rust), Canada, 2006, 11' 45''                                 

Andres Tenusaar. Kehaline Kasvatus (Physical Education), Estonia, 2008, 6' 10''

Miloš Tomić. Plivnuti Polibkem (Spitted by Kiss), Repubblica Ceca, 2007, 11' 06''                         

Sil Van der Woerd. Worms, Olanda, 2007, 4' 32''

Giacomo Verde. Rap di fine secolo, Italia, ??, 18'                                                           

Marcin Wojciechowski. Mental Traffic, Polonia, 2008, 6' 22''                                                

Cheuk-hin Wong. The Chronicle of a Drawing: the Footprints of Time, China, 2007, 9' 43''         

Jan Zabeil. Was weiss der Tropfen davon? (What Would The Drop Know About That?), Germania, 2007, 12'                                              

Maya Zack. Mother Economy, Israele, 2007,19' 45''                                                          

Carlo Zanni. My Temporary Visiting Position from the Sunset Terrace Bar, Italia, 2008, 4' 10"

Pim Zwier. Sarah Ann, Olanda, 2008, 9' 

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