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17th YEAR


Zamanpira Bijan - A window facing the sun


Bruxelles, Palais des Beaux-Arts
6 november 2007

Milano, Spazio Oberdan 
7 - 11 november 2007

Milano, Centre Culturel Français de Milan
7 - 8 dicember 2007

Poetronics”: one of the many words invented by Gianni Toti in his re-thinking of language. Somewhere between poetry and electronic art, it is the title of this edition of Invideo. This title is a tribute to the late artist, ever present at our exhibition with his affection, criticisms and suggestions, and to whom the opening section of the catalogue is dedicated.  But it also augurs the continuation of the fertile encounter between digital cinema, new images and a visionary perspective on the world. Visionary and unreconciled, like that of another artist who has left us, Alberto Grifi.
 The 2007 selection offers many rich and various examples of this world vision. They tell a story of identity and exile, work, cities, travel, terrorism and the disasters of war, and do so with a uniquely oblique viewpoint, with a skill for catching one off guard and for deconstructing stereotypes, and with visual and acoustic innovations.
There are also ecological poems, cubist landscapes, dance and music suspended between tradition and innovation, portraits of artists and places, surreal and grotesque universes, visual symphonies, shadows, suspension of disbelief, expectation, an upsetting of logic, political film clips, bewildering performances and reinterpretations of the media universe, from photos to film, to the latest technologies.
In today’s audiovisual landscape it is increasingly difficult to find one’s way through the wilderness of accessible and “portable” stimuli in which production and diffusion of digital works find new forms and channels. It is in this landscape that Invideo – with an eye for new modes of use – finds its way, identifying problems, places and artists and spotlighting certain works in order to distinguish them from the background noise, and make them a subject for thought, emotion, intelligent entertainment and awareness.
The careful construction of the catalogue (a real book with all new texts) is proof of this. As well as the video and films, that are already theory and thought, it contains monographs on artists (Christine De La Garenne) and a fascinating focus on the laboratories of tomorrow’s images, the schools and academies, with, for the first time a European recognition. There are the tributes to the great pioneers of filmic experimentation (Peter Kubelka, Paolo Gioli) and a celebration of the hybrid: the documentary of Michaël Gaumnitz suspended between history and animation; the TamTeatroMusica show, between performance and cinema; the videos selected from Barcellona e Bruxelles and the published texts (Studio Azzurro); not to mention the innovative series of “interludes” from Swiss TV.
There is also a focus on music videos, with an in depth study of two notable figures who are both very different and yet share certain aspects. At the same time, this year Invideo not only encourages the production of a young artist with a prize, but also becomes a producer itself, both with the video on the four 2007 European exhibitions of contemporary art, and also with the daily video strip dedicated to Gianni Toti .
“Films that produce films” (Dziga Vertov). This is a phrase that our “poetronic” was often heard to say. It is not enough to produce a general sort of culture. One must dare to take risks, to encourage the production of new works, to write all there is to write, to create languages and worlds that are truly different, to leave traces, to realise dreams, and then, to do better.

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Amaducci Alessandro. Electric Self. Italia, 2006, 4'

Apuzzo Riccardo. La città alle spalle.Italia, 2007, 6' 15''

AV. Dubus. Russia, 2005, 4' 09"

Bader Reem. Who Are You? Giordania, 2006, 8'

Barnett Joseph. Guilty by Nature.Gran Bretagna, 2006, 9' 20''                                     

Bassett Sam. The Night Before Christmas.USA, 2006, 6' 34"

Beschi Vinz. Carta bianca. Italia, 2006,10' 40"

Bödenauer Brigitta. …as they pass… Austria, 2006, 6'

Brandt Nancy. Die gute Lage. Germania, 2006, 13' 29"

Burrows Judith. Carwash. Gran Bretagna, 2006,9' 50''

Cahen Robert. Sanaa, passages en noir. Francia,2007, 7' 07"

Callaghan John. Imagine This. Irlanda/Australia,2006, 5'

Cane CapoVolto. An Example of Just and Fair Punishment.Italia, 2006, 15' 45"

Cangelosi Simone. Dalla testa ai piedi.Italia, 2007, 28'

Capuani Dimitri. A contraluz. Italia/Spagna,2007, 3' 50"

Carloni Cristiano/Franceschetti Stefano. Infero. Italia, 2007, 10’

Carrano Leonardo/Zoppi Luca . Confutatis.Italia, 2007, 2' 30''

Chyutin Dan. Hu tsofe-Watching. Israele,2006, 3' 30"

Cohen Jem. NYC Weights and Measures.USA, 2006, 6' 15”

Coulibeuf Pierre. Who's Marina Abramovic?Francia, 1999-2006, 8' 13"

Coulibeuf Pierre. Who's Meg Stuart? Francia, 2004-2006, 7' 46"

Crippa Antonella/D’Alfonso Maddalena/Delbò Matteo/D’Apuzzo Gianluca. The Big What. Italia, 2007, 80’

Cuccia Salvo. Il satiro danzante. Italia,2005, 5' 40"

De Bemels Antonin. Se fondre/Merge. Belgio,2006, 24' 30"

Di Noia Marco. La scimmia dell'inchiostro, Italia,2006, 1' 30"

Gauchet Gabriel/Król Andrzej. Die Kneipe (The Pub). Germania, 2006, 10'

Hansen Inger Lise. Proximity. Norvegia,2006, 4’

Henricks Nelson. Untitled (score). Canada,2007, 6' 30"

Hughes Salise. Double Lives.USA, 2007, 4' 30''

Iranpour Minoo. The Door.Iran, 2006, 5' 48"

Jan de Pue Pieter. O.Belgio, 2006, 19’

Kaeja Allen / Rosenberg Douglas. Aroma. Canada/USA, 2007, 5'

                                             Site.Canada/USA, 2007, 12'

                                             Verge.Canada/USA, 2007, 5'                                   

Komers Rainer. Kobe. Germania/Giappone, 2006, 45'

Kramer Johan. 0,08%. Olanda,2006, 10'

La Rosa Giuseppe/Filippelli Sara. Musica da cucina. Italia, 2007, 9'30''

Liu Zhenchen. Under Construction. Francia,2007, 10'

Lobjoy Prisca. Diferente. Francia,2006, 3' 34"

Marins Jr. Helvécio/Campolina Clarissa. Trecho. Brasile,2006, 16'

Masbedo, Non fidarti di uno che sanguina da 4 giorni e non muore, Italia, 2007, 10’

Matarazzo Antonello. Luna Zero. Italia,2007, 10'

Mittelstädt Egbert. Elsewhere 2. Germania,2007, 5' 52"

Mor Ben. Help is Coming.USA, 2006, 8’

Myznikova Galina/Provorov Sergey. Fugue. Russia,2007, 19' 05"

Nivôse Louis-Matthieu. Kami-Kazé, il vento divino. Francia,2007, 47'

Off Nibroll. NO DIRECTION, Everyday. Giappone,2005, 8 43"

Palu Louie. Cage Call: Life and Death in the Hard Rock Mining Belt.

Canada, 2006, 8' 34"

Parker Osbert. Film Noir. Gran Bretagna,2006, 3' 48''

Périot Jean-Gabriel. nijuman no borei (200000 phantoms). Francia, 2007, 10'

Pernot Laurent. Still Alives. Francia,2005, 2' 33"

Poce Antonio. Chernobyl. Italia,2007, 3' 50''

Rainer Christoph. Fawn. Austria,2006, 6'

Rocamora Isabel. Horizon of exile. Gran Bretagna/Cile, 2007, 21' 56''

Rojas Alejandro. Inside. Venezuela,2006, 10'

Sidell Tim. Eleanor.Gran Bretagna, 2006, 10' 22"

Škoric Irena. Work in Progress.Croazia, 2005, 7'

Taherimoghaddam Kamran. Oh! Humans.Iran/Italia, 2006, 7' 27"

Taretto Gustavo. Hoy no Estoy/Not Available Today. Argentina,2007, 7'

Vecchiarelli Roberto/Malvaso Mariangela/Vagni Luca. Il corpo certo o il luogo di una perdita.Italia,2007, 5'

Veldhoen Martijn. Public Spaces. Olanda,2006, 10' 53"

Wagner Jörg. Motodrom. Germania,2006, 9'

Zamanpira Bijan. A Window Facing The Sun.Iran, 2006, 12'

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