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14th YEAR



Stuttgat, Kommunales Kino
9 November 2004

Milano, Spazio Oberdan 
10 - 14 November 2004

Liquid States’: the title for Invideo 2004 expresses a condition of fluidity and constant movement, reflecting our awareness that this year’s works are flowing with forms, bodies or liquefied images. Videos that seem made from water, or else take the aquatic element as their subject; underwater videos; works in which the images undergo metamorphoses that are either ‘natural’ effects, obtained using water in all its forms, or else simulated and recreated electronically. As always content and language, inspired by the fluidity of water in all its configurations (from the waves above to the depths of the ocean below, from transparency to current, from floating to immersion...), become metaphors of the audiovisual scene and its rapport with the world: every year the process of selecting videos from the hundreds of entries from all over the world allows us to identify trends that are gradually taking shape in an ongoing audiovisual ‘discourse’, trends that we then attempt to encapsulate in the annual title – even with all the constraints that a single phrase imposes. In this case the chosen metaphor is the liquid, uncertain state of a world that is changing and elusive (‘flexible’, we might almost say, to borrow a disquieting buzzword of economists and politicians). Perhaps there is something here of unease over the difficulty of delineating pictures of a world whose confines are uncertain, shifting, unreliable, pictures which reflect like mirrors but can also hide dangerous hidden currents... What’s more, the affinities between water and the electronic image have long been noted by artists, theorists and critics. We speak of electric “current”, after all, as of the fluidity of a video picture, and we need hardly remind readers of the major contribution made by the Fluxus movement to the story of video art...
Dance, too, fluctuates and defies gravity, in a way easily related to water, though Philippe Saire’s project Cartographies, which we present this year, also takes on the challenge of a complex relationship with urban spaces, architecture and public places. Many of this year’s dance videos are bodies of water, but so, too, are the cities described in metropolitan portraits; we could continue the list with books of water, marine and submarine videos, rainy videos, videos in which water becomes a metaphor of memory and the uncertainty of recollection, the monsoon ‘moods’ of Wong Kar-Wai…
In more general terms, this year’s show features a rising ‘tide’ of works inspired by love for the natural world as an alter ego to the hard, ‘solid’ earth, with its wars, death and destruction. The travel videos we present are examples of this kind of vision ‘in transit’: this year attention is focused on the dual gaze (literary and audiovisual) of Giuseppe Baresi and Giuseppe Cederna on their wanderings round India and the rest of the planet, whether literal or metaphorical. The European preview night, to be held in Stuttgart this year, will allow the German public to see Mediterraneo, the atmospheric work by Studio Azzurro on gestures and crafts around the Mediterranean rim, plus a one-woman show of the work of Monica Petracci, with videos that blend poetry, painting and the theatre.
Video art and cinema beyond are also creative voices to remind us – in an original and creative way – of parts of the world scarred by violence, both now – Israel, the USA post-9/11, Bosnia; and in the past – the coup d’état in Chile led by Pinochet, the Russell tribunal on war crimes in Vietnam. We also have ‘Poetronics’, now firmly established as a traditional sidebar of Invideo: with its compilation of independent directors, the section never fails to look at the disastrous conditions of our planet with a watchful, but never unduly reverent eye...
The world and its history are also under scrutiny in the documentary on the protracted and indefatigable experience of ‘Living Theatre’, while the focus of the very recent work to be premiered by Gene Youngblood, a guest at Invideo this year, is entirely topical: the U.S. director of the now legendary Expanded Cinema (1970), a manifesto of ‘cinema beyond’ and of video as an extrapolation of poly-sensorial, multi-screen, visionary, Utopian film, presents a joyfully militant artistic use of the new technologies, opening up glimmers of hope and optimism in a sector that all too often seems uniform and homogenized. His fellow guest at this year’s exhibition is Michel Chion: musician, director, videomaker and internationally acknowledged theorist of the relationship between sound and music. His authoritative presence is an index of the emphasis placed by Invideo on the role of sound and music in contemporary audiovisual research.  And indeed, alongside their most obvious combination, the music video (with a one-artist retrospective dedicated this year to Floria Sigismondi), we have works of high sound-and-visual experimentation inspired by Schoenberg and Varèse, plus the latest research from young and very young artists.
The thinking behind this year’s special tribute to a youthful, but well-established and successful director like Francisco Ruiz de Infante,  continuing our programme of monograph sections, was to allow the festival public to see the ongoing developments in the career of an artist who uses music, single-channel videos and installations to treat a maze of existential themes linked to the process of growing up and the changes it brings. Another videomaker who has made a name for himself in his home country, Germany, but is still relatively unknown here is Bjorn Melhus, with his surreal digressions on identity, the media and the transformations of the individual in today’s world. Lastly, a birthday tribute goes to Gianni Toti at eighty years young – the Italian pioneer of video art and cosmic poetronicist, who goes on creating and recreating his ‘expanded’ and ‘exploded’ forms and languages, while never forgetting literature, painting, poetry, music and the cinema.
Classic, avant-garde cinema, the cinema of yesterday, cinema today, cinema ‘beyond’? What kind of cinema do these videos show to us, and what kind of cinema is emerging from the new digital forms into which film is converting, or which film itself is adopting? Some of the answers to these questions will come from the works being shown and their directors, while others may well be provided by this year’s competition, on the theme “Film and the Ego”.
Jump in – the water’s lovely!


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Anderson David / Galili Itzic. Sense of Gravity, 7' 32", 2003, UK

Askill Daniel. We Have Decided Not to Die, 10', 2003, Australia 

Baldwin Lucy. Freeze, 2004, UK, 7’   

Beschi Vincenzo. Di tutti i colori, 14', 2003, Italia 

Bottega Bologna. Accado da capo, 8' 44", 2004, Italia 

Cane CapoVolto. Impero/In God We Trust, 31', 2004, Italia 

Carlisle Susanna. Timepiece, 4' 35", 2004, USA 

Chabert Philippe. Partitura per suono e ombre, 10', 2004, Italia 

Cornejo Cecilia. I wonder what you will remember of September, 26', 2004, Cile/USA 

De Bemels Antonin. Il s'agit, 3', 2003, Belgio 

De Geetere Patrick. Fado, 26' 19", 2003, Francia 

De Manincor Anna. Roccu, 4', 2003, Italia 

Djian Loïc. Omar Khayyam, Five Variations, 13', 2004, Francia 

Dusollier Hendrick. Obras, 12', 2004, Francia 

Fluk Ido. What I Want, 2' 50", 2004, USA 

Gonsalves Tina. Surfacing, 2' 23", 2004, Australia 

Guedes Tito. from Park to Park, 4', 2003, Portugal 

Hallis Delphine. I like to Think (right now, please!), 8', 2004, Francia 

Hammel Johannes. system of Transitions, 9' 30", 2003, Austria 

Hansen Inger Lise. Adrift, 10', 2003, Norvegia   

Henricks Nelson. Satellite, 5' 30", 2004, Canada 

Hersonsky Yael / Gal-Raday Koby. Border Project, 43', 2003, Israele 

Horn Paul / Hund Harald. Tomatoheads, 5' 40", 2003, Austria 

Ippolito Carlo. Un'altra città, 10' 24", 2004, Svizzera 

Julien Isaac. Paradise Omeros, 20’, 2002, UK

Kalin Tom. Behold Goliath or The Boy With the Filthy Laugh, 8' 30", 2003, USA 

Lamm Staffan. Russelltribunalen, 10', 2003, Svezia 

Lehman William. Where The Sea-Lions Live, 4' 10", 2004, USA 

Lloyd Sargent Paul. White Blight Manifesto, 6', 2003, USA 

Lock Edouard. Amelia, 58', 2003, Canada 

Macheiner Stefan. Erase and Rewind, 4', 2003, Austria 

Maxwell Stephanie / Costanza Matt/ Hall Randall. Reflecting Pool, 9', 2004, USA 

Mikkonen Marja. 99 Years of My Life, 33', 2003, Finlandia 

Morero Andrea. BiH, 19' 30", 2003, Italia 

NomIg. Pdx_01, 7' 33", 2003, Canada 

Paval Conen Boris. Shelter, 8', 2003, Olanda

Petracci Monica / Fabbri Mirko. été, 2004, 4’, Italia 

People like us (Vicky Bennett). The Remote Controller, 9', 2003, UK 

Prati Claudio. Les  Buffers, 15', 2004, Italia/Svizzera 

Procopio Enzo / Scarzella Luca. Codice aperto, 18', 2004, Italia 

Salinger Emmanuel / Levy Marion. I (Marion Solo), 9' 38", 2003, Francia   

Santini Mauro. Da qui sopra il mare, 10', 2004, Italia 

Schreiner Volker. Counter, 6', 2004, Germania 

Simmons John. The Book of Water, 4', 2003, Australia 

Simon Kia. The Dive, 4' 45", 2003, USA  

Smith John. Worst Case Scenario, 18', 2003, UK 

Sturani Loïc. Vegetable Thriller, 2', 2003, Italia 

Von Greve Christina. Desde la memoria, 7' 30", 2003, Germania/Spagna

Vouardoux Anthony. Dance Alone, Svizzera, 2004, 2’ 

White - Sobieski Tim. On the Wing, 12', 2003, USA   

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