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A.I.A.C.E. – Milano has as a mission  both the production and the promotion of artistic works based on new technologies use and youngsters education.
Thanks to a fruitful cooperation between IED, Istituto Europeo del Design and A.I.A.C.E.-Milano, six video-installations especially conceived by IED students will be presented at the Fabbrica del Vapore during Posti di Vista 2011.
IED director, Rossella Bertolazzi, decided to assign to four teachers (Tiziana Gemin, Painè Quadrelli, Davide Sgalippa and Paolo Solcia), professionals in different multimedia fields (IT, music, audiovisual production), the task to follow their students while creating video-installations on the topic of “sensible design”.
During the first semester some students have applied themselves in order to create their first interactive works.
The installations, which match the opportunities offered by new technologies to narration in order to create new forms of interactive expression, allow the audience to think about the issues proposed exploiting their recreational and entertainment features.
After three months the students have presented the results of their research to a selection committee made of A.I.A.C.E. and IED representatives. Among the installations proposed have been selected the following works that will be shown in tow different sections of the event:
Nrg_fLow, Fluid Room, Sound Booth and New Emotional Box, Suono invisibile, Webcocoon.