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No destination

Mimesis Edizioni, Milano, 2009

No destination: wanderings, paths, roaming gazes. A world with no center but also audio-visual production without definition, cages, or stiff models. Between animation, dance, poetry, surreal approaches, documentation, game, music. A wander through technology, too, from film to mobile phones. INVIDEO 2009 proposes a varied international selection, in which mental confusion is both a happy and an unnerving feature at the same time. Beside this, meetings, events, focuses: the interactive film (as it was at the origins, 40 years ago, and is nowadays); videos created with mobile phones and the new borders of moving images; Agnès Varda, protagonist of the Nouvelle Vague and a fresh and versatile contemporary artist; the amazing animation films by Ursula Ferrara; “malastrada” stateless experience; new gazes on Gianni Toti, the videopoet. Moreover “focuses” on the touring Viva Festival, the Bonn Videonale’s special “design”, the Spanish series “D-Generaciòn”, a Polish retrospective of work by the WRO Art Center in Wroclaw, Masbedo, the Under 35 award, the homage to Pina Bausch to whom this edition is dedicated. Fact cards on works and events, unpublished essays, pictures, information on the authors: a moving portrait of the sort of art that explores and searches with no fixed objective.