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Lands and skies

Mimesis Edizioni, Milano, 2008

Lands and skies: reality and dream, news and poetry. Clouds, flights of birds, winged women, stardust, sun, fairytale images. And our planet:  city life, history, work, women, the threat to nature. Worlds that meet, in the inventions of dance, theatre, animation, upturned perspectives, the oscillations of memory, dialogues between cultures. Alongside these internationally selected works, INVIDEO 2008 offers glimpses of the swiftly changing panorama of audiovisuals throughout the world. A personal showing of the Méliès of video, the genial Polish artist Zbigniew Rybczynski, an author with surreal overtones and an exceptional capacity for exploring the electronic image. A “focus” on Theo Eshetu, a star of Italian videoart and author of innovative documentaries. The French artist Pierre Coulibeuf, between art and new narratives. The Catalan videoartist Arturo Fuentes. And again, the Center for Contemporary Art in Tel Aviv and its related festival; Lebanese videoart, with an as-yet unreleased selection; the “Blink” series, by Terry Flaxton, with glimpses of the world of international artists, a work with social and humanitarian aims. The installations, Laughter Project by Piero Steinle and Passaggi di stato by Roberto Bella and Carlo Riccobono. Fact cards on the works and the events, original theoretical texts and criticisms, photos, informative material: the state of an art with its feet on the ground and its head in the clouds: or vice-versa.