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Mimesis Edizioni, Milano, 2007

“Poetronics”: a word invented by Gianni Toti: an encounter
between poetry and electronic art. A tribute to this
artist and the theme of a journey through
cinema “beyond” and video from all over the world that tells identity and exile, work, cities, travel, terrorism and the disasters of war, and does so with a uniquely oblique viewpoint, with a skill for catching one off guard and with innovative visual and acoustic techniques. Ecological poems, cubist landscapes, dance and music between tradition
and innovation, portraits of artists and places, surreal and
grotesque universes, shadows, suspension of disbelief, expectation, an upsetting of logic, political film clips, bewildering performances and
reinterpretations of the media universe. Besides the videos and
films: monographs on artists  and a fascinating focus on the European schools and academies. Also tributes to the pioneers of filmic experimentation (Peter Kubelka, Paolo Gioli); documentary mixing history and animation; videos selected from Barcellona and Bruxelles and new  works in DVD (Studio Azzurro); an innovative series of “interludes” from Swiss TV, and an insight into music videos. Critical appraisals of works and events, information, theoretical and critical essays, photos: the state of health and resistance of poetronic art.