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Suspended  realities

Mimesis Edizioni, Milano, 2006

Suspended realities”: an alert interest in the world (cities, landscape, war, work, everyday life) impacts with the metamorphosis in image-making. A selection of works from around the world with rarefied, suspended, mutant gazes. The catalogue records current theoretical responses in photography, painting, cinema, architecture and the contemporary arts, as well as providing an illustrated commentary on the many events this year: the Fluid Video Crew retrospective, the tribute to Nam June Paik, Erich Busslinger’s “interactive Switzerland”, the music videos of Jonas Odell, a live performance featuring music, video and literature.
Framed by the inaugural event in Vienna and the closing night in Paris, accompanied by the “Art Hotel” venture in Monza, INVIDEO 2006 embraces a range of crucial issues involving media new and old – from super8 to the state of the digital art. In addition to detailed entries on the works selected for exhibition, the catalogue includes articles on new talents (such as Egbert Mittelstädt), features on teaching and publishing experiences, plus essays by Philippe Dubois, Dominique Paini and Alain Fleischer.
All the above in the usual cascade of images of poetry, dance, theatre, lyrical documentary, filmed reflection and memory.
Intense images, suspended images.