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Reverse images

Revolver, Bologna, 2005

"Reverse Images": a title for films and videos that play with the illusion of reversible time. But also a metaphor for attempts to swim against the tide of current media and audiovisual trends, for an upside-down, inside-out approach to themes and languages of expression. Social engagement and radical, visionary creativity from around the world. But also critical thought and analysis: web archives; the video painting of Alain Escalle; video and television pioneer Terry Flaxton; the first full-lenght, politico-poetical feature by Jem Cohen; a video by Robert Cahen in two differents cuts...And more besides:an overview of Italian music videos; Lynn Fox's "architecture of sound"; the dreams and nightmares of "Poetronics"; the entries for the "Time and the Ego" competition; the video and contemporary art; lastly an all-night screening of visions "beyond". Plus dance, theater, cultural and linguistic cross-overs, poetic portraits and insights into the big issue of our time, moving between history and memory, subjectivity and anthropology. A cascade of images that force our viewing and our thinking to look back and reflect, on film and digital imaging, through genres and styles, following an erratic but regenerative, thought-provoking but exhilarating course through the adventures of non-fiction.