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Liquid states

Revolver, Roma, 2004

 A dip in the ocean of international creativity at its most poetic and radical, one that has experimental video art swimming alongside a fresh gaze on society and the world: Gene Youngblood's "expanded cinema", thirty years on; theoretical and creative pathways through the audiovisual led by Michel Chion; the long existence and "resistance" of Living Theatre; the decades-old "poetronics" of Gianni Toti, together with the poetronic compilation of young independent videomakers. Music, literature, poetry, cinema, dance - but also portraits of our stricken planet, the Utopian dreams of communication from yesterday and today. And more: the competition on "Film and the Ego"; music videos by Floria Sigismondi; the existential thresholds crossed in the work of Francisco Ruiz De Infante; the insecure personal and media identities explored by Bjorn Melhus; "travel pages" recorded by Giuseppe Cederna and Giuseppe Baresi; "cartographies" drawn from dance and urban spaces by Philippe Saire and his company; tributes to Studio Azzurro and Monica Petracci; experimentation in electronic music and video.