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Istant images 

A+G edizioni, Milano, 2003

In 140 works from 22 countries: instant images.
Instant images of the world today, society, stories of groups and individuals, as seen by the videomakers' careful, lucid gaze; images that reveal and denounce; images of visionary and poetic intensity. Instant images of personal mental geography; perimeters that define the space for contemporary imaging of the body, as in the dance performance by Cowie and Aggiss, or the music videos of Michel Gondry. Instant images that delimit a territory of "unbridled video art", hallmarked by a "rediscovered" joy in audiovisual experimentation with the other arts: painting, photography, cinema, dance, poetry, music, literature. Instant images of the video of yesterday: flashes of European experimental filmmaking and the encounter-performance with Michele Sambin. Instant portraits of projects and artists of today: the Viper festival in Basel, the Mediterranean Rim as seen by Studio Azzurro, Vincent Pluss, the "_assemble" group, the third series of "Poetronics".
A video tribute to Luciano Berio and the amorous conversation of Alice Ferney and Luciano Emmer , portrayed by Elisabetta Sgarbi, complete the gallery of instant images and snapshots on show at this year's INVIDEO.