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Cinema without Barriers®: The seminars

Every year Cinema without Barriers® organizes a seminar to approach issues concerning disability also at a theoretical level, inviting notorious speakers from all over the world to take part in the events and bring their knowledge and experience on involving topics.
Cultural entertainment and educational moments are very useful in order to give rise to new working topics and also to enhance disabled people’s self-esteem in everyday difficulties.
Through direct experience and discussion it will be possible to increase the network of professionals in support of people carrying impairments.

Injured or Transgressive Body? Living the Force of Disability in Cinema, Arts and Sport Scarica il programma in pdf Scarica l'abstract in pdf
The Wealth of Difference. Cinema, Audiovisuals and Technologies to live together better Scarica il programma in pdf Scarica l'abstract in pdf
I Hear you with my Eyes, I Talk to you with my Hands. A Journey in the Deaf’s World between Poetry, Music and Artistic Expressions Scarica il programma in pdf Scarica l'abstract in pdf
The Fifth Sense: Sensorial Perceptions between Art and Vision Scarica il programma in pdf  

Cinema without Barriers®: Innovation Circus

The Province of Milan invited Cinema without Barriers® project to take part in Innovation Circus, held in October 2009 (6-11) in the very city centre, whose main goal was to inform the citizens of the positive technological developments aimed at improving disabled people life.
As a matter of fact, thanks to technology, people carrying visual and hearing impairments can enjoy film screenings together with their friends and families.
A.I.A.C.E.-Milano installed a test station at Innovation Cafè - Loggia Mercanti where people could have a sample of Cinema without Barriers® screening system and also a public screening of the film “Fame Chimica” by Bocola and Vari at Palazzo Giureconsulti.

Download Cinema senza Barriere® at Innovation Circus Program in pdf format

Download Innovation Circus Program in pdf format