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16 - 20 NOVEMBER

21st YEAR


Gu Tao, On the Way to the Sea

Istituto Europeo di Design, Milan
16 and 18 november 2011

Spazio Oberdan, Milan 
17 - 20 november 2011

Centre culturel français de Milan, Milan
18 november 2011

Shifting Distances. 2010 was our twentieth anniversary.  We described our precarious situation, which is similar to and shared with many other festivals, exhibitions and cultural events. Rather bruised, with reduced resources and a lower budget, we are still here to offer each other and you, our public, the pleasure of sounds and visions, the opportunity for experiencing a panorama of different images capable of inventing non-standard ways of describing, revealing, alluding, triggering off reflection.  With “Shifting Distances”: from a drop of water to the whole world; from a domestic interior to the problems of the planet.  In the internationally selected works for 2011, points of view come close and draw apart: in unusual ways they tell the story of people and places, a disastrous earthquake, the drama of anorexia, terrorism; but also the interferences between writing and music, cartoon and poetry, cinema and dance, finding ways of depicting worlds, faces, landscapes using material interwoven out of different codes of writing.  With nostalgia, affection, humour, energy, creativity, out of love for a small object right up to curiosity about the planet, the works in INVIDEO encourage our points of view on the world to become more flexible and mobile.

Together with the works come opportunities for closer study: a homage to the Living Theatre and one of their mythical performances in Dirk Szuszies’ video; a portrait of the percussionist Fritz Hauser in a video-musical documentary by Erich Busslinger; a complete personal showing of François Vogel, the enigma of electronic art, with his distorted spaces and visual rebuses; an initial encounter with Luciano Giaccari, a milestone in Italian videoart (in 2012 come the fortieth anniversary celebrations for his historical Videothèque); the works of Marco Bolognesi, between re-reading of science fiction movies, photography, contemporary art; a focus on “L’Alternativa”, the festival taking place in Barcelona at the same time as INVIDEO.

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16 november 2011, 6.30 pm IED 

Mock-up by Marco Bolognesi 

Homage installation to Antonio Margheriti 

17 november 2011

Spazio Oberdan

9.00 pm International Selection

10.30 pm Meeting and screening: Erich Busslinger and his video on Fritz Hauser, sound explorer


18 november 2011

IED: 9.00 am Lectio magistralis by François Vogel

Centre culturel français de Milan: 8.00 pm Meeting and screening with François Vogel

Spazio Oberdan:
9.00 pm Meeting and screening: homage to Living Theatre with Dirk Szuszies and Anna Maria Monteverdi
11.00 pm International selection

19 november 2011

Spazio Oberdan

3.00 pm L'Alternativa Festival - Barcellona @ INVIDEO

5.00 pm International selection

6.00 pm Meeting and screening: François Vogel, the baroque wizard of video

 9.00 pm International selection

20 november 2011

Spazio Oberdan

3.00 pm International selection: Particulars, details, views

5.00 pm Meeting and screening: Luciano Giaccari

6.00 pm International selection

  9.00 pm Meeting and screening: Marco Bolognesi

9.45 pm Erich Busslinger's video on Fritz Hauser, sound explorer

INVIDEO is an AIACE project supported by: Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali, Direzione Generale per il Cinema; Provincia di Milano, Settore Cultura e Beni Culturali; Comune di Milano, Settore Cultura, Expo, Moda, Design

INVIDEO also cooperates with: EUNIC; Goethe-Institut Mailand; Centre culturel français de Milan; Istituto Svizzero di Roma; Forum Austriaco di Cultura a Milano; Ambasciata di Svezia – Roma; Fondazione Cineteca Italiana; Spazio Oberdan; IED Milano; Amici di INVIDEO; FDVLAB; Ondavideo Pisa and di Raggio Verde; Eurohotel Milano; Pizzeria 40; Ristorante Lucca