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15th YEAR


Michel Klöfkorn- 3,48€


Lausanne, Théâtre Sévelin
8 November 2005

Milano, Spazio Oberdan 
9 - 13 November 2005

Milano, Anteo spazioCinema
12 November 2005

"In reverse”: a title imbued with the spirit of contradiction. The idea came from the many entries this year which use video footage that way, playing the images backwards to obtain the illusion of “reversible” time. But then we realized that the expression could also be a metaphor of a backlash, because in a way the videos in 2005 - even more than in previous years - were cutting back through the crowd of media-driven audiovisual products: against the tide, against the grain. In an opposite direction and with their perspective reversed.With a gaze turned upside down. This year, as never before, the works on video and ’beyond’ film,sourced for our exhibition from around the world, seem to be making a statement, rich as they are in content, proposals, analysis, denunciation, civic and ethical responsibility, socially committed approaches. The ‘reversal’ of language that video art and experimental film have known and used for years - rhythms, colours, metamorphoses, sounds, forms different and distant from realistic and narrative codes - corresponds to a reversal of subject.It is as if purely formal research were seeking and finally finding a dialogue with the documentary and the visual essay,leaving behind the visionary, fascinating, but often rather sterile exercises in abstraction, dense in meaning as these were, at least in the work of great directors. Thus, alongside the visual poems, inspired - as at INVIDEO 2004 - by liquid states and the natural world (ecological video art might be the right term here), the sea, plants, organic forms in movement, we find the harsh truths of videos and films which look at the great issues of our time: unemployment, immigration, rootlessness, the invasiveness of control systems,war and its ruins,the condition of women,the complex relations between memory and history, violence, neurosis, prison. But also more attention being paid to anthropological phenomena,to aspects of costume and ancient ritual. These issues are transverse to genres, indeed they force genres (from dance through music to documentary) to merge and give up their own strong identities in new, hybridised approaches to seeing/understanding the state of things. Which is why we may find traces of ’engagement’,even in the most seemingly disengaged dance or music shorts - or a satirical, provocative, suffering attitude, even in the most delicate and formally elaborate works.But portraits, too, video poems,urban poems; and works with the kind of tone or development of myth or legend, apparently searching for a lost dimension - an old way of working, the manual approach, the love for everyday objects. The many videos which use cinema footage also seem to be tinged with nostalgia for the tactile values of film,with asense of irreparable loss. As if they were trying to go back in time and find old techniques, the ones swept aside by computers and the smoothness of digital imaging. In the 2005 selection these new styles and themes join with a stimulating variety of countries and works from places which we had not as yet explored: Jordan, Lithuania, Turkey, Iran… not to mention the many fresh talents emerging alongside the famous names.The topics for debate (started off by the essays in this catalogue) are set this year by the problem of net art and the complex issue of audiovisual archives and their uses. A discussion on these subjects will be hosted by Rudolf Frieling, from the ZKM media arts center in Karlsruhe, Germany. Two ma- ‘‘I jor retrospectives and forums will be dedicated to French artist Alain Escalle, remarkable for his refined pictorial sensibility, and to British videomaker Terry Flaxton, a seminal pioneer of committed, irreverent video (and television), working across genres in theatre,music, documentary, essays, poems, travelogues. The contemporary arts - territory now bordering close on various forms of audiovisual production - will have a space for themselves which we hope to expand in the future: this year we start out from a recent event in Turin, which in Milan will be joined by a survey of the activities of MUSAC, the Museo
de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León.We are also pleased to be showing work by two of INVIDEO’s favourite artists, Robert Cahen (with two versions of the same video, an atmospheric portrait of Viet-Nam) and Jem Cohen (with his most recent video film,a fascinating and challenging blend of social and anthropological ideas, somewhere along the docu-fiction boundary). Our special events will include music video retrospectives,with UK collective Lynn Fox and an Italian selection, plus the regular contribution of visionary “Poetronics” and the Friends of INVIDEO”competition. The latter goes from strength to strength, with an even better crop of works than ever before - due in part perhaps to the disturbing charm of this year’s theme,“Time and the Ego”.The quality
of the entries was most encouraging,another development INVIDEO can be proud of, alongside the now proven formula of an advance premiere opening night in another European city - this time it’s Lausanne - and our latest novelty, the “Video Night” at the Anteo cinema: a feast for the senses in which INVIDEO spills over into new timeslots and new venues, a marathon screening of amazing sounds and visions - images in reverse, on a night as active as any day. 

Fernand Melgar - La vallée de la jeunesse (Cartographie n. 6)

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Alex  Mendes/Lena Silva. Eye Spy. 2003, Portogallo, 3' 50"                         

Risto-Pekka Blom. Huoneesta toiseen. 2003, Finlandia, 10'                        

Fritah Brahim. La femme seule. 2005, Francia, 23'                           

Jean-Gabriel Périot. Dies Irae. 2005, Francia, 10'                            

                             Undo. 2005, Francia,10'         

Benjamin Silvestre. Animal Regard. 2004, Francia, 27'                    

Johannes Hammel. Die Liebenden. 2004, Austria, 7'                       

Knut Petter Ryan. Hodet mitt. 2004, Norvegia, 3' 20"                      

Claudio Zulian. L'Avenir. 2005, Spagna, 23'                         

Po Kuang Chen. Sequence of Itinerary. 2004, Taiwan, 5' 17"                                

Jérôme Lambert. Léger-New York. 2004, Francia, 5' 38"                            

Gerard Holthuis. Marsa Abu Galawa. 2004, Olanda,13'                              

Yann Marquis. Sauvages dans la ville. 2004, Francia,13'                           

Alisdair Irvine. Curl Up and Dye. 2004, UK, 4'                            

Kactus Hunters. The Def Song. 2005, Francia, 4' 20"                      

Arnaud Ganzerli/Laurent Bourdoiseau/Jérôme Blanquet. Electronic Performers. 2003, Francia, 6'

Edouard Salier. Empire. 2005, Francia, 4' 10"                       

Irina Gedrovich. Photoamateur. 2004, Russia, 26'                           

Vincent Chabrillat. Passages. 2004, Francia, 4'                                 

Bill Morrison. Light is Calling. 2004, USA, 8'                    

Vincent Dudouet. Unicode. 2004, Francia, 5' 40"                             

Vincent & Franck Dudouet/Adolfo Kaplan. Hors chants. 2004, Francia, 5' 35"                               

Tiziana Panizza. Dear Nonna: A Film Letter. 2004, UK/Cile, 15'              

Michel Klöfkorn. 3,48 €. 2005, Germania, 9'             

Antonin De Bemels. Au quart de tour. 2004, Belgio, 7' 07"                         

Paul Lloyd Sargent. Southern Canadian. 2005, USA, 5'                            

Gerald Vak. Still-Life. 2005, Austria, 4' 40"             

Sheri Wills. Gravity. 2004, USA, 14'                        

Eléonore De Montesquiou. Nur. 2004, Germania, 4' 30"                   

Ken Kobland. Ideas for order in Cinque Terre. 2005, USA, 34'                           

Robert Seidel. _grau. 2004, Germania, 10'                           

Johan Soderberg. The Voice. 2004, Svezia, 28'                    

Stephanie Maxwell/Peter Byrne/Allan Schindler. Second Sight. 2005, USA, 5' 30"              

Antonio Poce/Valerio Murat. Nuvolari. 2004, Italia, 3'                                 

Giuseppe Tumino. Beddu Nostru Signori. 2004, Italia, 3'                

Dirk Szuszies. Dialogues 99 /II von Sasha Waltz. 2004, Germania, 26'                 

Giorgio Longo. Roberto Sanesi - Allora chi o cosa?. 2004, Italia, 5'                      

Vincenzo Beschi. Strip Melody. 2005, Italia, 4' 20'                           

Pierre-Yves Cruaud. Stratégie, geste et signe. 2004, Francia, 6' 15''                                  

Fabio Selvafiorita/A Peau d’Ecran Videodance Company. Tipi di polvere. 2004, Italia, 6' 07''        

Mika Taanila. Optinen ääni. 2005, Finlandia, 6'                               

Max Maxibillionth. Totally Still. 2005, Australia, 4'              

Laura Waddington. Border. 2004, FR/UK, 27'         

Broersen & Lukacs. Prime Time Paradise. 2004, Olanda, 11'                    

Steina Vasulka. Hraun og mosi. 2005, USA, 13'                 

                        Phyrosphere. 2005, USA, 6'                     

Ho  Tam. In The Dark. 2004, Canada, 6'                            

Pascal Lièvre. Teach Me How To Love (Savoir aimer). 2004, Francia, 1' 45''                               

Suhad Khatib. Over Consumed. 2005, Giordania-Germania-Francia, 21' 50"                                  

Xena Kalouti. Urban Syntax. 2005, Giordania-Germania-Francia, 3' 50"                            

Evaldos Dansas. Anthropology of Abuse, 2004, Lituania, 5'

Shelly Silver. What I’m Looking For, 2004, USA, 15’                               

ONG Wing Lock. 10 Nights Rehearsal Note. 2003, Hong Kong, 4'                                  

Jon Rubin. Among The Living. 2004, USA, 1' 21''                          

Ábel Kónya. Transit. 2004, Ungheria, 12' 49''                      

Susanna Carlisle. Understory Shadow. 2005, USA, 6' 50''              

Cezar Migliorin. My name is Paulo Leminski. 2004, Brasile, 4' 30''                       

Sándor Kardos. Slitfilm. 2005, Ungheria, 19'           

Kevin Murphy. The United Nations. 2005, Svezia-USA, 5’ 20”     

Peter Tscherkassky. Instructions For a Light and Sound Machine. 2005, Austria, 17'                 

Cynthia Madansky. Still Life. 2004, USA, 15'                   

Luna  Amato. Videopoesia. 2004, Italia, 2’30”                                            

Ethem Ozguven. F. 2004, Turchia, 6'                         

Pierangela Allegro/Michele Sambin. Videotello. 2004, Italia, 25’ 48”                       

Kole Laca/Michele Sambin. Scherzo per tastiera a 4 mani. 2005, Italia, 12’ 16”                

Syl Betulius/Lorenz Merz. 4* poemas. 2005, Svizzera, 13'                            

Nicole Seiler. One in A Million. 2005, Svizzera, 10'                       

Fernand Melgar. Cartographie n. 6 - la vallée de la jeunesse. 2005, Svizzera, 26'

Dominique Comtat. Mots pour Maux. 2005, Francia, 36'                            

Sepideh Salehi. Chador. 2005, Italia, 4’ 35”                         

Patrick Bernier/Olive Martin. Manmuswak. 2005, Francia, 16’                                            

Max Philipp Schmid. Der König. 2004, Svizzera, 2’  

Tim White-Sobieski. Closer to Fall, 2005, USA, 4’ 10”                                                     

Antonello Matarazzo. Miserere. 2004, Italia, 19' 27”             

Gianluca Paoletti/Domenico Zàzzara/Chiara Martina. Il mestiere dell'attore. 2004, Italia, 55’

Daniele Segre. Progetto arte moderna e contemporanea della Fondazione CRT. 2005, Italia, 19’20”

Robert Cahen. Plus loin que la nuit. 2005, Francia, 10'

Carlo Isola. Poetronica. 2005, Italia, 35'       

Jem Cohen. Chain. 2004, USA, 99’

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Download the web-card

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